Jasa Renovasi Laboratorium Genomic

Biocontainment Laboratory

Innumerable laboratory analyses rely on a critical first step: acquiring a representative water sample. But designing and engineering effective water samplers requires careful consideration beyond simply dipping a cup. From bustling environmental labs to delicate microbiological studies, the sampler’s form and function must adapt to various environments and analysis needs.

A Genomic Laboratory is really needed by every community to program the DNA identification of a sample object.
klinik Lab PCR
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With PCR equipment technology, detailed analysis methods, the genomic laboratory will help in health, productivity, optimal biological production and so on in the health industry, food beverages, environmental control and others.
The Genomics Laboratory is a laboratory for carrying out tests on samples that have a high level of sensitivity.

So there are laboratory requirements, which are followed as stated in the Decree of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia No. HK.01.07/menkes/4642/2021, which regulates BSL2 PCR laboratories.

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Laboratorium BSL 2
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Renovated engineering for the procurement of a genomics laboratory, seeking to meet the requirements regarding the need for a DNA diagnostic laboratory from plants, animals and even humans.
The genomic laboratory has several rooms, depending on the samples and tools used in diagnosis.
Such as the preparation room, Anteroom, extraction room, destruction room and PCR room as well as the PPE removal room. Each room has laboratory equipment such as rt-pcr, vortex, autoclave, nucleid acid, laboratory furniture which is adjusted to the analysis needs in that room.
PCR laboratory materials are materials that comply with the requirements and routine activities for disinfecting laboratory rooms. One example is phenolic resin, stainless steel and other materials. The following is an example of a laboratory table.
In renovating a containment laboratory, the requirements are walls and floors. The level of safety & sterility is closely linked to the cleanliness and easy maintenance of the BSL 2 laboratory walls and floors. The materials used are sandwich panels as walls and vinyl/epoxy as floors. is easy to clean.
So, as a biosafety officer, you can search for and select materials that suit your needs and meet the requirements of the Ministry of Health and WHO.
PT Lab Technology which is located in Graha Cibinong with gmaps, we are located in Bogor and can provide construction services, PCR clinic renovation services in Jakarta, PCR laboratories in Central Java, PCR laboratories in East Java, laboratories in the Kalimantan area, BSL2 clinic renovations in Sulawesi , improvement of BSL 2 laboratories in Kalimantan.
Apart from that, we provide PCR laboratory instrumentation such as, Biosafety cabinet class II A with NSF certificate, fitting box interlock, rt PCR, Laminar Air flow, laboratory furniture, refrigerator with temperatures of -20 degrees and -80 degrees.