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Sink Laboratorium PT LAB Technologi Indonesia: Your Trusted Partner for Laboratory Design and Engineering

In the intricate world of laboratory design, seemingly simple elements like sinks hold immense significance. Beyond their utilitarian purpose, Sink Laboratorium (laboratory sinks) are meticulously engineered to seamlessly integrate with the lab’s workflow and safety protocols.

Material Matters: From chemical-resistant polypropylene to durable stainless steel, the choice of material hinges on the lab’s specific needs. Chemical compatibility, heat tolerance, and ease of cleaning are paramount considerations.

Design for Functionality: Sink configuration plays a crucial role. Deep basins accommodate large equipment, while multiple compartments enable efficient waste separation. Foot pedals or sensor-activated faucets promote hands-free operation, enhancing hygiene and safety.

Safety at the Forefront: Fume hoods paired with dedicated sinks offer essential protection when handling hazardous chemicals. Integrated eyewash stations provide immediate emergency response.

Beyond the Basics: Modern laboratory sinks boast integrated features like temperature control, filtration systems, and even waste disposal units. These advancements streamline workflows and minimize environmental impact.

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