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FUME HOOD PT LAB Technologi Indonesia: Your Trusted Partner for Laboratory Design and Engineering

Fume Hood or known as a fume hood, a fume hood is a laboratory tool that is used as a place to react to activities that use dangerous materials, such as acids, bases, organic solvents and so on.
The function of the fume cupboard is to protect chemical analysts when interacting with acids, bases, organic solvents and so on.
The price of a fume cupboard varies, but what you need to pay attention to is whether the specifications match the functional needs of the laboratory.
The working principle of a fume cupboard is to attract all vapors of acids, bases, organic solvents or other things and expel them to the outside air with a previous filter.
That is the purpose of a fume hood, so the choice of materials is a necessity in choosing a fume hood. PT LAB TECHNOLOGI INDONESIA, has a sales team that will help provide input on how to choose a good and correct fume cupboard, what materials are suitable, how to choose a layout, maintenance, and so on.
The following are the fume cupboards that we have in various materials and sizes:
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