Company Profile

PT Lab Technologi Indonesia is a design and fabrication firm founded by Anggun Putra Utama in Bogor.

This firm is a broadening notion to what Labtech believes and does since it began his entrepreneur debut in 2014. Until now the firm has been evolving with the work of Laboratory Design & Layout , Laboratory furniture, Chemical Storage system, and Biosafety cabinet ..

All of those works reveal a deep concern on reliable function without set functional & productivity values aside.

The key to this dedication is always listening to and asking the client in order to gather more information to understand and learn essential aspects of the regulation & user’s requirements and demands..

Lab Technologi Indonesia point of views on laboratory design concept are 3 aspect Productivity, Functional and Regulation acceptances.

Therefore, Laboratory Design works are not merely buildings, but also a responsive attitude toward its context..

“ We design your Dream ( Laboratory ) “.

About Us


ACCOUNTABILITY, Have integrity, Innovation, give the best results and pro Active


Have integrity

Have integrity is pride us, can be in believe by fellow teams, vendors and customers.


Always adapt with development newest & always fix it abilities and quality.

Gives the best results

Focus on customers by giving more results than which are expected Customer via innovation and improvement sustainable

can be accounted for

Did the whole thing work activities according to SOP. Consistent and committed run it.


Proud of give ideas and exchange mind, to give the best for company and customer.


The Times Behind our Success​

Vision and Mission

PT Lab Technology Indonesia, aims to formulate, discover, and commercialize enabling technologies to scale up productivity so that human life is healthier and safer
As the world’s leading manufacturer of laboratory and biopharma equipment, LABTECH offering customized solutions to suit laboratory needs.

Helping biopharmaceutical companies make their drugs safer and more cost-effective through functional, innovative and certified medical devices.